UNSC independent consultants

Licensed international insurance brokers

UNSC are licensed, experienced insurance brokers in the EEC and ØAS countries and our specialty is advanced administration of all sorts of risk and finance hereof using the most up to date tools and programmes

What makes us unique ?

  • More than 40 years of experience

  • Close contacts to the major reinsurers

  • An international network of more than 20.000 business people and experts representing all sorts of skills,trades and industries worldwide

We deliver value for money.

We always operates with an initiating research:

  • How sufficient and updated is your documentation already?

  • Are you aware of and prepared to face your most likely claims and losses?

  • What about the rare, but crucial ones?

This operation will normally be done within 20 hours of work and concludes with a recommendation on whether or not to proceed from this point, as well as a budget.  

Why use UNSC independent consultants?

What is it all about?

All companies have an often unknown part of the equity capital, called “ The Risk-bearing Capital” . This always has to be available immediately ( cash), as it any time must pay for a claim or accident hitting the company, which not have been waved to an external carrier i e by insurance.

To know the size , the nature and to adjust it, helps the company to save a lot of money and in worst case to secure a survival.

The very basis for this operation is:

1) proper documentation of the company, technically, financially etc.

2) analysis ( qualification, quantification, evaluation)

3) forming a proper risk politic , decided by the company involving financial ability and appetite for risk

4) implementation ( waving risk to external carriers , optimizing insurance programme and limiting responsibilities i.e. by better wording of contracts and general terms and conditions)

5) monitoring

Many larger customers, investors, creditors and insurance companies increases right now demands for extended information on the above mentioned issues. As well audits and professional board members, CEOs and CFOs. They can be held personal liable for major losses, caused by their negligence in these matters by a stakeholder and public authoritative.

We are able to establish the right group of experts to secure a state of the art result of the above mentioned processes for any sort of business and trade. We prefer to be involved in front of a crisis, but too often we are required in the middle of this.

What about results, references and recommendations?

We are not expected or allowed to disclose any information belonging to our clients besides in the very interest of the client. We have 100% duty to observe secrecy.

But we are allowed to disclose general information on our own. UNSC are and have been dealing with the largest insurance programmes in northern Europe. We have monitored huge tenders and established insurance captives for our clients.


Colleagues, customers and providers are recommending us by their own initiative on LinkedIn for knowledge about:

risk management, insurance, financial issues, management and claims handling